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I went in to my usual optician as I had an issue that needed possible urgent attention. After visiting 3 other opticians I came upon optical view. The optician was really kind and saw me straight away. She was courteous and covid secure and explained every step as she went. Her colleague was equally as friendly as he did his part of the procedure and I felt welcome and looked after at all times. Excellent service in my hour of need. Thank you both. Highly recommend.

Pete Mcculloch

Last year during the lockdown, I suddenly got flashing lights in my right eye and did not have very good vision. I was new to the area and happened to end up at Optical View. Shameem saw me and did a thorough examination; she was not happy, so she referred me to the eye hospital. I was diagnosed with detached vitreous gel. Age related and not serious.

A few months later, my vision was still not good, so I returned. Shameem saw me, and once again, I received the most amazing care and attention and a very in-depth examination. I needed new glasses as my prescription had changed quite a bit. Adam helped me choose a new pair that I am now thrilled with. Vision is back to 20/20. Shameem also made sure that my contact lenses were a perfect fit and let my try a few different suppliers.

I can't recommend Optical View highly enough. Shameem and Adam make a great team, and they are both wonderful people.

Mike Visagie

I wanted to share that Adam provides such a great service from start to finish looking after you throughout the process in either getting your eyes tested with a new prescription or in buying custom glasses as well.

So attentive and willing to answer all your questions with great service too.

As he knows already he’ll be my 1st choice as an opticians when it comes to getting my eyes tested & getting new glasses.

Thanks again

Charlie Bell

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