Comprehensive Eye Exams

We are here to look after your eye health and provide the best tailored eye care for you.   Your eye examination will be carried out by an experienced Optometrist with enhanced clinical expertise. Our  in-depth eye assessment is being conducted  with  state of the art equipment.  Hence our Comprehensive eye exams are crucial not only for overall eye health but for overall wellbeing.  Through regular checks ups early signs of ocular or even systemic diseases can be diagnosed and treated early with better prognosis.

With latest advanced technology we are able to screen for the following:  Diabetes, Hypertension Glaucoma and  Age Related  Macular Degeneration.

An Enhanced  Eye  Examination  involves using  digital retinal imaging and OCT Scanning of the  front and back of the eye

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Why Do You Need an Annual Eye Exam?

Your eye exam is an integral part of your overall health assessment— helping you see better and manage your wellness for the future. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other systemic conditions may affect your eye health if left unmanaged.

Scheduling your annual eye exam is easy and straightforward; we offer a simple approach, appointment type, and ideal time out of our pre-selected time slots.