Contact Lens Examination

We offer both first time and current user contact lens appointments. In either case we can offer the free support and trial lenses  from across several contact lens brands once the patient has signed up to a contact lens subscription.

We offer across daily, monthly, two weekly , multi-focal and astigmatic lenses.

The cost of a subscription will depend on the lenses you will be using. People who do not wear lenses daily may go on a suitably adjusted subscription.

Many new products are now available, some suitable for children and first time wearers. We can also offer a one-time contact lens appointment without a subscription which will be £35 or £40 for multi-focal lenses.

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Comfort issues

Have you been put off wearing lenses because of discomfort?  Research and development has focused on improving the lens-wearing experience.

Advanced silicone hydrogel contact lens materials help keep lenses moist throughout the day and enable more oxygen to be supplied to the eyes compared to traditional hydrogel lenses.

Wearing re-usable weekly or monthly lenses can lead to accumulation of deposits and proteins on the lens, and other factors need to be considered before choosing which lenses are the best for each patient. The best material and lens design for each person may require checking both lifestyle and habits as well as their prescription and eye physiology.

If you’re seeking better comfort from your contact lenses, we will be happy to be of help. It is not normal to feel discomfort when wearing lenses and it should not be tolerated. If your contact lenses ever begin to feel uncomfortable or irritating do let us know.